The Power of Totality and Eclipse Integration

by admin on August 28, 2017

I’ve been blown away by all the deep insight, healing, awakening, breakthroughs coming through for so many during the eclipse window. We’ve ALL just been through an epic Ceremonial Rite of Passage.

What was your experience before, during and after the eclipse?

There were a vast myriad of experiences based on need of our soul’s growth, our spiritual “upgrade” and DNA activation. The unfolding of that pre, during, and post initiation may have felt more like an overwhelming death and rebirth, a middle world “wake up it’s time to make a big change,” event, a celestial bliss and oneness experience –or some combination of all three!

For myself, admittedly, it was all three at once. And I am so grateful to have powerful tools for integration and reflection in my toolbelt!

I am offering Eclipse Integration Readings until September 15, which you can sign up for HERE.

My Eclipse Integration Experience

It has taken a week to integrate my eclipse experience enough to fully share it with others. It was very intensive, with a great deal to unpack. This morning, I realized my focus has been external and doing-oriented leading up to the eclipse (planning webinars, giving readings, organizing an event in my community), and I had not truly taken sufficient time to draw inward.

Yesterday, finally, I took a day by myself with no agenda whatsover. This was just the medicine I needed and I felt so restored after! We moved mountains energetically before and during the eclipse, so it’s important to take time to rest.

Some took an opposite approach to mine–taking the months prior to the eclipse for deep meditation, cleansing, inner focus and less outer activity. If this describes you, you’ll probably be moving into action mode quite quickly post eclipse while others, like me, will take the next several months for the deeper inner work, planning, and integration.

My feeling is that the eclipse window extends through to September 20 and the Fall Equinox. This is because Mercury, Mars, and Venus travel through Leo and trigger the Eclipse Point up until September 20. So he coming weeks are a potent time to fully integrate the eclipse experience for greatest benefit.

Columbia Missouri Community Eclipse Celebration!

My Eclipse Experience: White Pines and the Sacred Fire

I was bewildered in the months leading up to the eclipse because I simply could not pin down the right location and ceremonial container for the event. I wanted a clear yes I could feel down to my bones and nothing was right.

I have felt the eclipse was and is so important that it had drawn me to move from Albuquerque to Columbia, Missouri at least for now, because Columbia was directly on the path of Totality.

Finally, just two weeks prior, the location and ceremony came together, magically and synchronistically as it should be! We decided to have it at my friends Emily and Drew’s farm. They had just moved to Columbia take over Drew’s grandfather’s property and transform it into a farm and permaculture site.

As soon as we pinned down the location, my friend Jeffery Grundtner, a pipecarrier, ceremonialist, and astrologer, reached out to tell me he’d had a dream guiding him to spend the eclipse with me and my community in Columbia, Missouri. I asked if he would lead ceremony leading up to the eclipse and he said yes.

My dear Mayaketajanka (Bigsoldier) whose ancestors, the Sac and Fox nation, had lived in the Columbia area before being forced off the land to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears, agreed to be Firekeeper throughout the entire event, and so brought his own ancestors into the circle for healing, and held sacred space from Sunday through Monday.

Sunday afternoon Drew cut down a white pine on the property. He and Jeffery cleared the mess of the tree and branches while Maya cleaned up the old fire pit which was littered with trash and melted plastic, Together by that evening they had created a beautiful fire pit with a circle of log chairs all around. That night Maya lit the sacred fire.

The White Pine, Jeffery reminded me, was an integral part of the Iroquois Confederacy’s story about the Great Law of Peace. When the warring tribes came together as peaceable nations they threw their weapons down into the waters beneath the Great White Pine. Check out the significance of that through my Webinar HERE.

Sunday night 30 dear friends and family members gathered to open ceremony with prayer, guided meditation, and Despacho Ceremony to give gratitude for all we were releasing and seeds planted for this Super Leo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

On the day of the eclipse and prior to the pipe ceremony, Jeffery led us through a powerful guided meditation where we raised our energy through love and gratitude and connected energetically with beloved friends at other sites observing the eclipse and sites that were sacred to us all across the globe.

Together, we created a powerful grid of healing and regeneration for the Earth. I had a moment of pure amazement and bliss where I recognized EVERYTHING had been divinely orchestrated to bring us all together in that moment, and I felt such a rush of gratitude!

Imagine the millions who were out under the Sun and the Moon at totality, and the millions more who bore witness to this powerful moment online. Millions bearing witness to the Sun and the Moon in their most intimate dance. The moment of awe and complete wonder at totality we all shared.

Imagine hundreds of thousands more gathering in circles large and small, intimate gatherings in living rooms, ashrams, and yoga studios as well as thousands joining prayers and intentions across the planet through synchronized global meditations.

We Did It. We Planted Seeds of Love, Of Unity, Of Connection, Of Healing. To Benefit Our Own Lives, Our Communities, our Nation, Mother Earth on forward to the next Seven Generations. What a privilege and how beautiful to know what we have done together. I think it is essential to celebrate that, first and foremost.


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Today at 11:11 am PDT, the Eclipse Window opened with a Partial Lunar Eclipse visible in Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia at 15 Aquarius, marking the exact Lammas Cross Quarter. The eclipse window will close with the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of August 21.

An eclipse window is already a time where we have greater access to the multiverse, or the quantum universe. We sense and feel the strange fluid nature of time, seeming to speed up and slow down simultaneously.

Climb Your Impossible Mountain

It is a time where what may have seemed impossible before suddenly becomes possible. I had a personal experience of this three days ago when I climbed a mountain in Crestone, Colorado gaining 3,000 miles in elevation and traversing 12 miles with the final 3 in the dark.

I didn’t actually believe I could do it and normally, especially considering how long it’s been since I’ve made a climb like that, I would have turned back sooner but something in me had changed and I just kept going. I encourage all of us to open to that possibility now: “I can change in an instant. All is not as it has been.”

Reality is more malleable at this time. Remember that. We are much more powerful than we know.

Navigating The Eclipse Window as a Kairomancer

Add to the magical, otherworldy sensation of the eclipse window the fact that today is the Cross Quarter, a time where the veils between the worlds have thinned, also consider this “Super New Moon (another way to view a Lunar Eclipse) is in the sign of Aquarius, and Mercury is preparing to station retrograde this weekend.

All this adds up to the fact that we have stepped fully into what the Greeks referred to as “Kairos” time–where we step out of Chronos, or linear time and into a zone of pure magic where miracles and synchronicities abound and what is most essential is that we are paying attention so we can seize the moment for greatest benefit.

Robert Moss coined a wonderful word and process he refers to as “kairomancy,” or the practice of navigating life by synchronicity. It’s my modus operandi, and my intention for this eclipse window is to step it up a notch. An aside–as I began writing about Kairos in this post I received a message from a friend telling me she’d just taken a Kairomancy course from Robert–snap!

Robert has Twelve Guidelines for operating by Kairomancy, I’ll share a few of my favorites and my take on how to work with them in this window.

Whatever You Think or Feel, the Universe says Yes

This truth is AMPLIFIED in the Eclipse Window. If you’re feeling fabulous, on track, and in the flow, you are going to feel that times 100. If you’ve been feeling off track, anxious, or generally caught in a bad attitude about life, you might feel this eclipse Super Full Moon incoming like a punch in the face.

So. This is the period of time where we have an opportunity to EMBODY the change, the vibration we wish to see in the world.

If you’re in a low spot I want you to know this eclipse window supports us in doing an IMMEDIATE turn around.

Decide you are going to drop the crappy attitude, draw your attention away from any and all things that are outside of your control and drain you, and focus instead on what inspires, what moves you, what gives you hope, what energizes you. Put your attention and take action from there.

Coincidence Multiplies on the Road

I’ve experienced this personally, having been on the road for the past two weeks, first at a Permaculture Convergence at Pine Ridge in South Dakota and then in Crestone Colorado, house-sitting for a friend. When in motion, more opportunities arise.

On a Friday, I asked an instructor at the convergence, an expert mycologist, about puffballs, a wonderful delicacy I ate as a child and hadn’t thought of or seen, in edible form for many years. That following Tuesday in Colorado I encountered three beautiful Puffballs and had them for breakfast.

If you have the opportunity to get out and about over the coming weeks doing things that please you–Julia Cameron’s “Artist’s Date” comes to mind, which is a date with your inner child where you go out by yourself and do something this child would enjoy.

These experiences open us to the element of play in the Universe and when we go there, our own inner experience of enchantment and positivity radiates outward blessing the world all around.

Your Own Will Come to You

This is something I have to remember in big groups. I can get scattered and fragmented and try to do too much and actively reach out to too many people. I have been learning instead to slow down, let myself feel guided by where the energy is, do that thing, and make a game out of intending that “My Own” the people who I will resonate with most deeply, come to me.

And they do!

By What You Fall, You May Rise

Lately when I speak to clients I am made so poignantly aware of just how courageous the human soul is required to be at this moment of rending change and upheaval. Many of us, sensitive to these currents of change, have felt torn in two by polarized aspects of our being.

This fragmentation, polarization, and overwhelm can take us under very deeply at this time. If this is you, and I know it has been me, who has spent some time in the depths over these past months, first let me say to you–there is a gift here for you.

Whatever has threatened to sabotage your forward movement, wherever you have been taken under by your own wounding, your addiction, your need for love, or whatever it is that has taken you off course, know it is time for you to claim the gift in this experience, and use it as leverage to rise and shine as never before.

Honor your human heart. Your imperfection. Your hunger and your forgetting. If you have gone to extremes, as I know I have, honor the power of knowing your own center more deeply now.

This Eclipse Window, I feel, is a time for unification. Of our warring inner selves. Of the split, of the divide. A time to come home to yourself, and acknowledge all you have been learning from your time away.

Invoked or Uninvoked, Gods are Present

We are surrounded at all times by beings that are invisible to most of our human senses. Some of these beings have a deep affection for us. I have a sister, a journalist, who has entire host of angels, I believe, who look out for her while she travels the globe, and puts herself in situations that would make our Mom swoon. I often imagine them as exhausted, trying to keep up with her.

Come to think of it, I believe I have exhausted my own angels–and they are legion–over the past two years. And I am grateful, so grateful, for their love and support.

This next two weeks, practice imagining that you are surrounded at all times by benefic beings who love you and want to support you on your path. Perhaps they are angels, or fairies, or guides. Practice seeing them as if they are at the corner of your eye. Draw or paint them as you imagine they might look. Engage in conversation with them.

These two weeks are a time to practice BEING as we wish the world would be around us. Anchor that feeling–“This is a friendly Universe and I am loved and supported always.”

Pay attention to how this causes you to engage with others as well. How does it shift your perspective?

More on Navigating the Eclipse Window

This is a moment where we can either feel lost in the enormous energies of chaos, change, and deep transformation, or we can choose to empower ourselves through grounding and spiritual practice knowing that our coherence, presence and where we focus our attention has magnified impact on our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Today we have entered the field of the August 21 Eclipse at a whole other level. We sense and know that the next 14 days are time to bring our attention to the present moment and deepen and amplify all practices that bring us into a state of alignment with Great Mystery and our own spiritual wisdom and knowing.

This is a time, over the next 14 days leading up to the eclipse to take every opportunity to come home to ourselves, to initiate or maintain a steady practice of meditation, prayer, and deepening self inquiry. I would add to that–humor, levity, lightness of heart, magic are ALL part of the world we wish to experience in our world, right? So bring that in as well!

Do whatever it takes to calm your energy system, reduce stress, do less, and clear what stands in the way of full access to your spiritual truth, your higher vision, your inner knowing. Bring your creative spirit alive, using more of your senses and capacities than normal.

Do you ever paint, dance, tell stories, write poetry? In these next two weeks, try something like this, to bring more of yourself alive in the moment. Spend time with people and in places that nourish your spirit, uplift you, and support you in experiencing the kind of world you wish to live in.

Be aware of energy drains and patterns in yourself and others that stir up drama and provoke a response of dissociation. Where possible, limit your connection with these things. If you sense and feel that your energetic boundaries are not strong enough, commit to strengthening them in the days to come.

Know as well that with all of this intense energy your emotions, your feelings of vulnerability might be stirred. Hold them, and yourself with great softness and compassion.

We are learning more and more to stand in our feminine strength, which is vulnerable and fierce at the same time. If we have been caught in patterns of addiction, or distraction, or avoidance it is time to dedicate ourselves to whatever it takes to moving beyond these old energetic limitations.

Open to Your Visionary Spirit

Bringing it back to the beautiful Aquarius Super Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse, tonight and through the week to come we are invited to open to our higher visions for what we want to experience in our own lives, what we wish to bring into the world over the years to come, and how we want our world to unfold over the coming generations.

Personally I have found it very supportive lately to take time every day to listen to visionaries who inspire me, help me to take a larger view, and model living life fully and well. Jean Houston has been one of my favorites and there are many wonderful interviews and talks on YouTube of hers that are easily available.

Reset the Spiritual Blueprint for the U.S.A.

Preparing for the August 21 Great American Total Solar Eclipse
There is a personal and also a collective dimension to this eclipse. At the collective level I am convinced that this is a powerful time for us collectively to do a reset on the Spiritual Blueprint of the U.S.A.

I feel we can, through our own state of being, in our prayers and meditations, and through coming together with co-collaborators in our communities in the months following the eclipse, energize the very highest values and potential for the U.S.

I have begun this inquiry and conversation through my webinar: The Great American Eclipse: Reset the Spiritual Blueprint of the U.S.A. featuring myself, Gemini Brett, Starhawk, and other wisdom keepers including indigenous leaders who inspire me and I believe model the kind of action and vision we need to see more of.

You can register and be directed to all Webinar Resources including a video recording of the video, pdf with visuals and live links to resources to accompany the video, and interviews HERE.



The Capricorn Full Moon is exact Sunday Morning July 9 at 3:32 am PDT so Saturday night, Sunday morning and night are the best times for viewing and ceremony

The power of this Full Moon cannot be underestimated, with the Moon within a degree of Pluto in Capricorn and opposite Mars with the Sun in Cancer. Whatever we have been hiding from, wherever we’ve been dishonest with ourselves, whatever we are unwilling to face directly for healing is going to be showing up for a reckoning.

And.. I’m going to be really honest here. I’ve been struggling over the past couple of months with love addiction. It’s been in my face and I’ve become intimately familiar with it. I’ve gotten to see I’m not above it. I’m as easily pulled under by addiction as any other addict.

I’ve seen where I give my power away and lose my center. I’ve seen how the intensity of one experience makes other areas of my life that I care about feel dull. I’ve seen how I kept pushing aside the feeling of pain in my belly and the intuitive hits I got that were telling me every step along the way exactly what was wrong and what I should do about it.

I’ve seen how I didn’t want to eat, and how my life began to feel gray and I lost my motivation. How a relationship with elements that so resonated with my soul purpose, and where our two souls met at such deep level (at the level of spirit there was no problem) caused a dynamic nonetheless that was continually at risk of killing off other parts of my life, and his as well.

Today I woke up.

It hurts. It’s hard. And I’m probably still in shock. But I’m grateful. And I’m feeling a lot of compassion for myself and my dance partner. Yea. That might change once the shock wears off. Compassion is my default.

At the level of spirit I know if there wasn’t some spirit to spirit soul to soul connection, or some deeper impulse for healing and soul learning, we wouldn’t have been so pulled to be together.

This is not a black and white issue and love and healing are not linear. We are complex human beings and facing our inner trauma and shadow is not for the faint of heart. Pluto teaches us that we must surrender to the irrational aspect of our nature so as to learn the deeper truth of who we are.

If we try to manage and control ourselves too much, to be too good, something is going to explode. For some of us that might mean judgment and meanness toward others coming out of nowhere. For others it might mean getting pulled into too much of a good feeling thing that dulls our senses and distracts us from our purpose.

But everything in life can be used as a teacher. And right now during the Mars Pluto Full Moon window we have the opportunity for deep, transformational healing and it comes through the doorway of whatever feels most traumatic, most grief-filled, whatever triggers shame, wherever we feel out of control, wherever we think we are broken and will never find our way.

The ways I lied to myself and allowed my lover to subtly and overtly lie to me in order to maintain love and pleasure speak to me of how much I want love and pleasure in my life, and how wired I must be to associate pain with love and pleasure.

Learning that helps me know myself better. I’m not going to judge myself for it. I’m going to dedicate myself to healing, so I can show up for the rest of my life and the people who love me, and the soul purpose only I can fulfill. I’m going to work the sh@#+t out of this experience to make it empower me.

Are there areas in your life where you trade love and pleasure for your own authentic connection with spirit and your soul? Can you see it clearly, change it and have compassion for it? Can you look at it from another viewpoint so that it can become fuel to support your full empowerment?

I texted my sister Trina to say “I’m free now to deal with my addiction obits own terms,” meaning to say “on its own terms.” She writes back–“addiction obits isn’t a bad thing though.” Then:

“Here lies Tami’s addictions. They were excellent teachers but eventually could not withstand her commitment to her own liberation and that of others, and died this week of overexposure to truth. May they rest in peace.”

I laughed out loud. I didn’t think I could do that right now. Thank the Goddess for sisters!

Whatever you’ve been struggling with–and I cannot name a single person I know right now who has not been struggling, look it in the f-ing face. Let it be your teacher. This is not the time to hide. This Full Moon is our time to fully dive into the shadow we have been avoiding. Be as fiercely honest with yourself as you can be.
Where have you been hiding? Where have you not been telling the truth about who you are and what you want? What do you know that you have not been admitting to yourself?

It’s time to take back your power. This is part of the journey. Look at the parts of yourself you are afraid to see. Look deeply. With fierce love and a commitment to seeing beyond to healing, to integration, to wholeness.
None of us are alone on this journey. None of us are without our broken parts in need of healing.

I dedicate all the pain, shadow, loneliness, grief, fear, love, shame, guilt, confusion that arises within me over these next days–I’m not afraid!– to be composted under the light of this Full Moon aided by the alchemical medicine of Pluto and Mars, into strength, resolve, and a clearer sense of soul purpose.


On August 22, 1142, a Total Solar Eclipse whose path extended through the northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada is said to have helped prompt the timing of the creation of the Iroquois Confederacy, which would influence founders of the U.S. in integration of democratic, egalitarian aspects into the U.S. Constitution.

This summer, nearly 900 years later on August 21, 2017, we will experience another Total Solar Eclipse, the first in 99 years to be visible in its totality across the lower 48, and the first in 1500 years to be ONLY visible in totality across this region. Astrologers across the globe are claiming this eclipse will trigger massive revolutionary change in the U.S.

Shamanic Astrology views the Total Solar Eclipse as a “Super New Moon,” or time where our personal and collective intentions are magnified exponentially. Because this eclipse is with the North Node, it can be seen as progressive, a time of high magic and an opportunity to energize new possibilities for the future of our nation.
Turtle Island, a name given to North America by many native people, is ground zero for the eclipse path of totality.

In the wake of Standing Rock, we can see the eclipse as a reset for the spiritual blueprint of the U.S. sourced by indigenous wisdom, where we plant the seeds together to build a culture of Care for Earth and next Seven Generations.

It’s time to remember the core indigenous principles at the root of our nation’s founding and re-ignite them at this eclipse.

We know that the founders neglected to adopt one of the key ingredients leading to the success of the Iroquois model, which was the strong political and cultural role of the Grandmothers or Clan Mothers, who appointed and could remove Chiefs, and had an equal if not overriding say in key decisions impacting the tribe, including going to war.

Can we imagine now how the character of our nation would have developed differently if strong female leadership was embraced in this way from the very beginning, and concern for the Earth and next seven generations was embedded within every decision made by leaders in government?

Sound Healer Tom Kenyon says that in a time of profound chaos such as now, we have access to a multitude of different timelines and we can cultivate the practice of “jumping” into Timelines individually and collectively.

Let’s use our power of imagination and collective intent to do three things: see where this culture of Earth and People care is already emerging all around us and celebrate and strengthen that, honor where we ourselves are making practical daily choices to create a culture aligned with the Earth and supportive for the next seven generations, and take it one further, imagining the world we could live in if these efforts are magnified.

We might also literally, in our meditations, invite the Circle of the Grandmothers to make their presence known in the halls of power in the U.S. capital, influencing our legislators to make the decisions that serve our shared future and environment.

I see the Circle of the Grandmothers as a powerful, real force in the world and call on them daily. To me they are the spiritual manifestation of our DNA in its most whole, activated state—with access to the deepest wisdom from the past and the most powerful positive potential for the future.

Inviting in the Council of the Grandmothers

Where will you be for the August 21 Eclipse? Please let me know so the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School can add you to our map of eclipse watchers. Also please consider joining me in a Global Meditation to Invite in the Circle of the Grandmothers to help restore the original Blueprint for the U.S. or Turtle Island.

Whether you live in the path of the eclipse or not, you can participate in this meditation and also consider, from now through the eclipse, how you and others in your community might use this time to anchor and activate a vision to bring indigenous, earth-loving, far-sighted feminine wisdom into your life, your community and all areas where you hold influence.

I will be sharing more on this from now through the eclipse and in the meantime I’d love to know what this inspires in you!


Mars moved into exact opposition with Saturn at 11:54 pm pm Pacific last night, so that now when Saturn rises in the east about an hour after sunset, Mars is setting in the west.

You have probably been feeling the dynamic of these two energies strongly over the past few days, and you are invited to work powerfully and positively with these energies over the coming week.

It’s time to get clear on where you need to take constructive action in your life, and ignite the spark to do these things. This is not a time to wait for others to give you permission or make it easy, or to otherwise go into passivity about your life and choices.

It may be that you’ve felt a growing restlessness, impatience, and frustration around areas where you feel you’ve not been making progress, or feel stuck in your life. Mars, the masculine principle, desires to move forward, to take decisive action, to be purposeful and have a clear agenda.

When Saturn shows up to activate Mars, you may become profoundly aware of the patterns in your life where you hold yourself back from your clear mission and purpose. It becomes more uncomfortable to remain in inaction than it does to make the next right move. This is a good thing!

With Saturn in the equation it can be easy to go into habits of self criticism or doubt, which is where you may get stuck! Instead, choose to operate from a place of self trust, and self love, taking one step after another, realizing “done is better than perfect,” asking–what is the right next move? And doing that thing.

Ask yourself, how can I take action in a conscious deliberate way, being courageous enough to bust through paralysis and do the “next right thing” according to my inner guidance system? How can I forgive myself if everything doesn’t go as planned but instead be proud of myself for having the courage to show up in the best way I know how?

Now is a time to practice the skill of “Action-Learning,” which is where we face and overcome our fear of making mistakes and become willing to take imperfect actions, paying attention to the results that come from these actions, and continually re-calibrating or changing course based on the feedback we receive from the Universe.

Saturn (Sagittarius) and Mars (Gemini) are in mutable or “In Service to Spirit” signs so part of taking action is choosing to maintain or reactivate practices that connect you to Spirit and your internal guidance.

It is important, with Gemini in the equation to know that Spirit moves in mysterious ways and sometimes challenge is an opportunity to become more flexible and adaptable and play the game with new awareness.

A spirit of playfulness and curiosity as we move forward is POWERFUL medicine to support our path at this time.

Honoring the Feminine and Masculine

From the feminine perspective flow can be the most essential feedback response–are my actions creating a sense of ease and flow in my life? And this is a very good way to live, something we’re learning more and more in our masculine-oriented modern culture, to bring it back into balance.

Yet masculine energy must also be honored and harnessed, and one way to do this is to make the decision to be wholehearted and include in your prayers and your intentions great gratitude for whatever challenges or obstacles meet you as you move forward on your path–because you understand this is part of the game, and it makes you stronger and more resilient.

Shift your perspective to “bring it on!” “I’ve got this!!” Acknowledge all the ways you have been doing the best you can, and that your next choice will be wiser because of learning from past actions. This week is about staying awake and staying in action, learning to be strong and flexible at the same time.


The Gemini New Moon was exact at 12:44 pm Pacific and at perigee (closest to the Earth) about 6 hours later, making this a “Super New Moon” of great ceremonial power.

What are your intentions for this New Moon? The power to manifest them in creative, magical, blow-your-mind ways is amplified beyond measure—as is the physical impact of the Moon on the inner and outer tides of Earth’s waters, as well as our personal emotions.

So the turbulence you have been feeling continues, but Gemini invites you to do what Gemini does best—break your usual rules of engagement and free yourself to make new choices about how you respond and adapt. Like a cosmic surfer, shape-shift to align yourself with and harness the energy from the great waves cresting and crashing on the shore.

Gemini is at ease in the multiverse: adept at stretching time, transcending limitations of the physical dimension, sending his/her light spirit to visit future, past, and parallel lives as well as beloveds at a distance in this world or the next. Sound Healer Tom Kenyon says that in times of great chaos like now, an abundance of different “time nodes” are all emerging at once and you can literally train yourself to “jump” timelines into the reality you most wish to inhabit.

Gemini can help you practice this skill.

Breaking the Addiction to Heavy

In response to so much upheaval you might want to shut down and go into fear, overwhelm, and survival mode of fight or flight. In other words, it’s easy to get and stay “heavy.”

Sometimes you need to just “feel the feels,” and we’re learning more and more how addictions delay feeling and healing. Yet we can ALSO become addicted to heavy ways of being and we need to exercise our freedom of choice (Gemini loves freedom beyond all else!!) to shift the energy in a nanosecond and LIGHTEN UP!

At this time we can truly transform our lives when we draw on the Gemini tools of creative imagination, a sense of humor and irreverence, and an ability to look beyond the obvious to find healing new stories and perceptions that blow our minds and take us into new territory.

Gemini is light, buoyant, and a shape-shifter, welcoming change as an opportunity to experience a new state of being. As the Creative Muse, Gemini takes the raw material of life—including universal human experiences of love, loss, heartbreak, calamity, homecoming—and extracts beauty, insight, and healing from these experiences by creating songs, poems, and stories that map the human story and make it sacred and fully felt.
Many of us have heard the story of the African healer who asks, when seeing a person who has fallen ill physically or spiritually:

When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you told a story? When was the last time you sang a song? When was the last time you sat alone in stillness?

These are questions to ask at this Gemini Super New Moon!

We Activate Our Wild and Free Inner Shapeshifter Magician to create a map of the month to come where we CHOOSE to fully play the game of life before us with childlike delight, anticipation, and wonder—knowing we create our OWN rules of engagement and choosing those rules wisely. We don’t need to stay stuck in the heavy. We choose our perspective and this changes everything.

Shapeshift Your Reality and the World Around You

The most empowered Gemini’s I know are magicians and alchemists who charge the air around them with a sense of magic and possibility. They understand that the most powerful way to affect change in the world around them is to take responsibility for their inner reality and consciously work with the alchemical processes occurring within them, aligning them with the rhythm of the planets and stars, as well as the heartbeat of the Earth.

No matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, Gemini knows WE bring the magic. It’s not up to others to entertain or please us or make us happy. I’ve recently moved from the “Land of Enchantment,” New Mexico, back to Missouri, my childhood home. I’ve had my nail biting moments where I ask—Good Goddess what have I done?

I can’t see the Big Sky here, I can feel the press of the Bible Belt mentality as if it’s in the air, I am so close to family I simply can’t avoid the discomfort of seeing parts of myself I thought I’d grown out of or left behind show up and remind me I still have some serious work to do in order to fully individuate and claim my personal sovereignty.

What I keep coming back to, in addition to the absolute beauty and aliveness of this land, is the simple truth that my soul called me back at this time and I trust that. And that I AM the Magic, regardless of whether I live in the Southwest or the Heart of the Midwest.

I have been finding that when I truly use the tools I’ve been gifted so generously over my years as an astrologer, nomad, and seeker of spiritual truth, I bring more magic here, and I feel at home once again in my skin and wherever I be.

Gemini Moon woman that I am, I value freedom over much else. And this conscious choice to live and be the magic that I AM feels to me like true freedom.

Shifting From Muggle to Magic in a Moment

I attended my niece’s graduation from a sweet liberal arts college in Iowa a couple of days ago. The Gemini part of me hates this kind of thing more than anything. Sitting still and quiet in a crowd, feeling irritation with the old rules of pomp and circumstance, where according to tradition an hour is spent giving awards to people a very small handful in the audience knows or gives two sh@$%’s about.

This feeling coupled with a lot of thoughts running through my head that sometimes come up when I’m in an environment where I feel out of place that boils down to severe self-doubt in my general way of life and state of being made me really leave my body and feel generally crappy.

I caught myself feeling like a victim and as soon as I did I thought: you have a choice. You can remain petty and believe you are too good for this situation and passively live like a Muggle or you can get over your own bullshit and remember who you really are (who we ALL are, actually–there are no true Muggles, just people who forget who they really are).

So I did.

I closed my eyes and did a few simple things I’ve learned to do over the years. took a few deep breaths, imagined putting my roots down into the ground to connect with the Earth and her strength, and I opened my crown chakra, and allowed in the love and light of the Divine to stream down into me. I invited my higher self to come back down into my body, and She came.

I also personally have a tribe of animals I love dearly that I invite to be with me and I feel and sense them as if they are really there and my inner child has a blast with this.

When I opened my eyes the trees around me seemed a brighter shade of green, and they were rustling in the breeze. I felt, as I have so many times, like they were talking to me. Then suddenly from out of nowhere an insect came flying through the crowd and landed on my forehead. I slowly turned to my sister to ask: what is on my face?? She said “dragonfly!” and then it flew away.

So I love dragonflies, to me they are agents of magic, little fairies in bug clothing. What an affirmation of how quickly we can shift our awareness and focus and how rapidly the Universe responds!

Gemini and the Power of Words

Gemini is also the word wizard, using the power of his or her words to create or destroy worlds. So the intentions we write and speak at this time, amplified by the Super New Moon effect, are going to be super-powered. Be aware, be wise in your use of words and thoughts because they truly create the reality you will be living in!

The morning of my niece’s graduation I’d invited her roommates to go out at 4:00 am to see beautiful Moon and Venus together activating the third eye Chakra. My niece’s roommate Hanky asked me “what does it mean?”
I told her that Venus right now is in a cycle that is bringing the Fierce Feminine alive in our world and in each of us. That it is about each of us finding our true Soul Purpose and Mission and being courageous enough to step into that fully and make our contribution in the world.

That this moment where the Moon and Venus came together in the sky was about letting go of, clearing away whatever illusions or false visions stand in the way of each of us standing in our power and purpose and taking emboldened action to bring our world to sanity and cohesion.

Right after the graduation I went back to my niece’s house with my Mom and we met up with Hanky, who had just graduated and was walking with a spring in her step. I was amazed to see that she was carrying a banner that read: “We just graduated two serial rapists.”

She had courageously stepped up to the podium to receive her diploma wearing this banner, to raise awareness of the fact that on this campus like so many others, the administration put reputation above the safety of female students, allowing convicted rapists to remain in the school rather than risk the negative press of expelling them.

I was in awe of her and told her how I courageous I thought she was and she said “your words this morning really inspired me to step up.”

We forget too often the power of our words. It is up to us to create new mythologies, new stories, that can guide us through these times where it is so easy to get lost and to lose our way and to forget what we are here for.
When we tell a new story, we open new doors of awareness and possibility for others.

So consider this as you set your intentions and envision this coming month. How can you speak true? How can your words awaken the truth in another? What kind of world magic will you play in the coming weeks and how will this change your own life and the lives of those around you?


Pleiades Sun Magic May 19-20

by admin on May 17, 2017

Open to Star Wisdom and Gather The Sister Tribe!

The Sun is approaching the Pleiades and will be with them May 19-20, days that fall within the Solar Zenith, or Day of No Shadows,at 20 degrees latitude, the location of many sacred sites including Chichen Itza, site of the great Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Solar Zenith is a time of great ceremonial importance to the ancient and modern Mesoamerican cultures near the equator. Shamanic Astrology sees this alignment of the Pleiades with the Sun near Solar Zenith, something that can only occur every 26,000 years, as another indicator that we live at the Turning of the Ages, or the Beginning and Ending of a Great Year.

Also note that Solar Zenith also occurs at this latitude and in this location in November so that at night the Pleiades can be seen directly overhead at midnight.

Solar Zenith is observed at different dates near the equator from latitudes 23.5 deg. south (the tropic of Capricorn) and 23.5 deg. north (the tropic of Cancer) as “Day of No Shadows” because at noon the Sun is directly overhead, thereby casting no shadow.

I got to be at Chichen Itza on the Day of No Shadows in 2007 as you can see from the photo below!
The Pleiades were a very important star cluster within all the great mesoamerican Sky Cultures, for example, the ancient Aztec or Nahuatl-speaking cultures timed their near year according to when they would see the Pleiades in the pre-dawn sky.

To the Mayans who constructed Chichen Itza, it was seen as the Tzab or rattle of the snake and it was extremely significant that it was at the top of the sky on the Zenith at this time.

The Pleiades were observed as one of the most significant Star Nations to many, many cultures across the globe including the Cherokee, who see their ancestry as coming from this Star Cluster, and many other Native American traditions for whom the Pleiades plays a significant role in ceremony, sacred timings, creation stories and more.

I have been long fascinated by how many cultures, from Asia to Native America to the ancient Greeks, perceived within the Pleiades a group of Seven Sisters. As someone with seven sisters myself, I have had a special love for this beautiful star group!

To me, the activation of the Pleiades as part of our Great Age Change literally speaks to the power of circles of women–and men in service to the Divine Feminine re-emergence–gathering across the globe to affect positive change and bring the world back into balance. We see this everywhere now, and the Aries Arise Venus Teleclass Series Cayelin Castell and I are facilitating is the most powerful I have ever experienced.

Ceremonial Observation of the Solar Zenith

Near the Equator, the relative position of the Sun at the Equinoxes and Solstices was not as dramatic as they become the further north or south one travels from the equator. For this reason, the Solar Zenith or Day of No Shadows may have been a more dramatic and ceremonially significant occasion for those near the equator.

Similar to the great megalithic monuments and stone circles constructed in northern and southern hemispheres aligned with the movements of the Sun in the Equinox and Solstice seasons, the Mayans and other ancient peoples in this region constructed “Zenith Tubes” and other heirophanies aligned to the Zenith Sun.

Zenith tubes were sometimes constructed as an open tube leading into an underground chamber, positioned so that on the Solar Zenith the light of the Sun would have been directed into the tube, flooding the chamber below.
Some examples of these tubes have been found in Mexico at Monte Alban, near the modern city of Oaxaca, with an even more dramatic example at Xochicalco, in the Mexican state of Morelos (see image below).

How to Work with the Sun Pleiades Connection in ALL Latitudes

In the coming days as you observe the beautiful Sun at sunrise, sunset, or throughout the day, know that the Pleiades are also beaming down to you timeless wisdom and insight most needed at this Turning of the Ages. Open to receiving the Star Knowledge that ignites “anamnesis” within you–a term the Greeks used and which refers to “remembering what the soul already knows.”

Consider also what it feels like to experience the light coming through to you in a time of darkness, consider the perfection of the deep insight that is streaming down to you know, awakening your very DNA to your full potential as an earth healer, as one who marries the mysteries of Earth and Sky.

Consider gathering in circles that honor the feminine–whether you are male or female, now is the time to amplify our collective intent to bring the Divine Feminine back online: She who restores the balance, back into alignment with the Sacred Masculine, creating a culture of harmony, reverence for life, and a deep honoring of the Creation.

Full Article Here:


Celestial Mother by Pam England

Happy Mothers Day!

Gratitude to all the Mothers, in every corner of the Planet!

For the courage and faith it takes to raise a child in our time of profound transition! We give gratitude to the Mother Force that lives in each of us, giving birth to new worlds and new possibilities from the depths of our being, our DNA.

Today we honor Mother Earth who continues to sustain and nourish us. We also give gratitude to the Cosmic or Universal Mother of all Creation, Celestial Mother.

Galactic Center was seen in ancient cultures as the “Galactic Womb,” giving birth to Earth–as modern science now confirms. The Mayans referred to Galactic Center as “Hunab Ku” and perceived a cord of connection like an umbilical cord, or cords, which they referred to as the Kuxan Suum. This cord was seen to be connected to our navels, causing us to be intertwined with, and in rhythmic connection to the entire Matrix of Creation.

Radical Restructuring of Humanity’s Worldview: Saturn at Galactic Center in 1988 and 2017

Last night the waning Gibbous Moon passed by Saturn and Galactic Center, so we are receiving powerful insights from this part of the Sky, and tuning us into the deeper transformation at play, with Saturn having been near Galactic Center since the end of 2016 and remaining close throughout 2017. The last time Saturn was near Galactic Center was 30 years ago, in 1988.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about a profound restructuring of modern humanity’s spiritual, philosophical, and political paradigms. The now-widespread conversation about decolonization highlighted at Standing Rock is a part of this restructuring as it has caused many in the U.S. to question basic assumptions underlying our national history and ideologies.

What was happening in 1988 is that the Cold War was coming to an end as the Soviet Union was beginning to collapse, indicated in part through its withdrawal that year from a lengthy and costly war in Afghanistan. It was a time where the ideologies of socialism and communism underpinning the Soviet Union were under criticism and review, birthing a period where capitalism would become the reigning paradigm.

It is clear that our current capitalistic ideologies are similarly under fire, as larger percentages of the population wake up to the fact that its current form serves only an elite few at the expense of the many and the Earth. So we are seeking a new Earth-honoring societal worldview to replace the older, disconnected and polarized models of capitalism vs. communism.

Often, the exact astrological event (in this case Saturn at Galactic Center) sets in motion larger ripples or cultural changes that fully unfold in the following years. If we look at the early ’90’s even before the 1993 Neptune Uranus conjunction we will see the rise in awareness of eco-centric paradigms including Deep Ecology, Bioregionalism, Permaculture, and Eco-Psychology.

Restoring the Original Connection to Celestial Mother

According to author Padma Aon Prakasha, part of the reason our world is currently in such profound imbalance is because the life-giving cords of connection between ourselves and our original Mother Source–Galactic Center–have been severed. In his book The Power of Shakti, he explores the initiatory path required to reconnect us to this primary Cosmic Mother Bond.

Let’s empower with our imagination and visualization, meditation and prayer, Saturn at Galactic Center reweaving the cords of connection between ourselves and the Celestial Mother, and ourselves and Mother Earth. Seeing all of us tapped into a limitless source of energy, insight, and wisdom connected to the Greater Intelligence of Creation.

Sourced from this insight from the Wisdom of Creation, let’s give birth to a new collective awareness and worldview that restores the sacred threads of life between all beings, and supports the full thriving of ALL in abundance, diversity, and radical well being.

And so it is!

Aries Venus Class Still Open!

Our Time is Now. Let’s RISE Together.

Cayelin Castell and I have recently initiated our new Venus in Aries Teleclass Series “Aries Arise” and it’s been AMAZING! We have new people signing up all the time and if you would like to actively engage with the Venus in Aries Cycle as a ceremonial initiation, helping you find your individual and collective purpose and fire and join our Love Warrior Tribe, learn more and enroll in our class HERE.

Here also is a video where Cayelin and I share more about how the cycle works and how we work with this ceremonially. Check it Out!

And FINALLY if you want to deeply tune into the Aries power and magic of this moment, wake about an hour before sunrise and greet Morning Star Venus in the east. She’s so bright and beautiful now shining down for all to see.


The Taurus New Moon was exact this morning, (Wednesday, April 26) at 5:16 am PDT.  From now through tomorrow (Thursday) night is powerful time for ceremony.

When we source Taurus our lives become embodied prayer. When we drop into the pleasure inherent in our physical bodies our breath, the sensation of touch, the fragrance of a flower, the beauty of our beloved friend’s smile, the sound of morning birdsong, the caress of a soft breeze, our receptivity and delight is in itself a gift, a prayer, a healing for the Earth and for ourselves.  We fall in love with the Earth and She falls in love with us in return.

Our Taurus New Moon intentions are going to be manifested much more powerfully if we engage them with all of our senses.  So light a candle, use essential oils, put flowers on your altar, sing songs to invoke your deepest held desire for the month to come.  Whether you invoke your intentions in private ceremony or alone, come to it dressed in something that makes you feel radiant, sensual, at ease in your body.

Be sure to bring your complete attention to how it feels in your body to fully manifest your intentions, focusing on that sensation as if you are living that experience NOW.  Taurus is a powerful manifestor, and my dear friend and gifted intuitive Taurus Moon,taught me that if you want to generate abundance for yourself, you have to slow down long enough for it to come to you!

Slow Down to Attune to Earth Consciousness

In my recent visit to Costa Rica, when Mercury was in Taurus, stationing retrograde, I was walking through the Cloud Forest in Monteverde on the suspension bridges taking me over the tops of the trees.  I walked slowly, savoring every step. I felt as if my entire being was lit up in an enormous, blossoming smile.

My full presence was a celebration of the sensual, gorgeous, generous Mother Earth, so filled to the brim with life.  I felt as if she was breathing under my feet and all around me, and my breath matched her breath.  I felt this same sensation back in Missouri, where spring is in full bloom.

The Taurus New Moon invites us to deepen our connection to the Earth this month and experience the deep pleasure of slowing down enough to be in communion with her.  I once received clear guidance that I was to spend time every day outside without any agenda… not exercise, or any form of doing except enjoying her.

I was also instructed to learn from snake and lie on her her body belly to belly to restore my energy centers.  The third instruction was to spend as much time outside as I spent on my computer.  I did not often succeed at that!! But it was–and is–something to aim for and keeps me more aware of that ratio of time, and how much I am inside vs. outside.

Inspired, Pleasurable Action to Strengthen Our Bodies

Guided by the Taurus New Moon and ignited by Venus moving into Aries tomorrow, this month is a powerful time to tune into what makes our body feel strong, good, nourished, awake and receptive to pleasure–and to do those things.

Venus in Aries invites us to ignite our inner Wild Woman, our Badass Warrior Goddess (within both men and women!) and to take bold action to build core strength (physical and otherwise) so we can be capable of meeting opportunities and challenges between us and our goals and dreams in the most empowered manner.

Start by focusing on what you can do MORE of that feels good–for example what foods do you love that nourish your body, what kinds of movement bring you deep joy and delight, and dedicate yourself to taking the time for self care to do these things.

Let this be the foundation to support you as you make the tougher changes–meeting and transforming addictive patterns, or rising the occasion of building a habit that requires focused intention and commitment.

Aries Goddesses Rising Up!

These brilliant Goddesses and I facilitated an incredible journey April 1-8 seeding this new Venus in Aries Cycle in Nosara, Costa Rica in a circle of 16 powerful women invoking the Fierce Feminine. I was so thrilled to share the Venus Mysteries in this circle, and within such a powerful initiatory window of time, in such a magical corner of the planet with this incredible circle of Goddesses.

I’m still blown away beyond words by the powerful healing we did over the course of the week as we met our Ancient and Future Goddesses, explored our persona path of initiation through the Inanna Descent Story, and met and transformed the Inner Wound and Gift in the Inanna Labyrinth Initiation.
Aries Arise Venus Circle Gathering and New Insights on the Rise of the Warrior Wild Woman

Soon after returning Cayelin and I facilitated our first class for our Aries Arise Teleclass Series and were so energized by the momentum building in the circle already with so many women diving more deeply than ever before into this powerful initiation for personal and planetary transformation.

Part of our inquiry over the course of the next 18-months of the cycle is to ask:What is Out of Balance Within and Without and How Can I Take Inspired Action to Come Back into Balance?

I invite you to enroll with us–we are just getting started and it is the perfect time to join!

Restoring the Balance Between Feminine and Masculine

A clear message has been coming through that the Earth and Feminine Womb are filled with power and are a limitless source of healing.  When we connect regularly with the earth through prayer, gratitude and deep presence we become resilient and open to live in more flow of miracles and magic.

Another leading insight I’ve been exploring is the idea that it’s time to look clearly at the ways the Feminine–in all of us–has been at the effect of the Masculine and to shift the balance so that the Masculine is in service to the Feminine, and thus the Whole.

I think Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s research on the right and left hemispheres of the brain speak to the imbalance we currently see in the world around us.

In this interview where he explores the theme of his new book “The Master and His Emissary,” he speaks to the right hemisphere as the aspect that understands the big picture, and the relationship between things, and the left brain as the part that dissects, takes things apart, locates information, becomes hyper focused, etc.

The left brain is very smart in its way–but because it can only see part of the picture, it does not know what it doesn’t know, and in a sense can have an enlarged and distorted view of itself–believing it SHOULD be in charge.

So if the left hemisphere is in charge, as it is in western culture, trouble ensues.  In Dr. McGilchrist’s view the correct relationship between the two is that the right hemisphere is the guiding force, with the left brain serving it’s larger comprehensive purposes, in service to the whole organism.

So we might ask–do I value and actively cultivate my “larger awareness” the part of me that is deeply attuned to and connected with the whole?  Do I value the information I access, for example through dreams, intuition, slowing down enough to listen to the body?

Do I allow the wisdom and insight gained through this awareness to direct my more focused left brain intelligence, rather than the other way around?

As I consider these questions for myself I feel a sense of relief, of homecoming, an awareness that the balance is already beginning to shift inside of me.  I have a feeling of awakening to greater self love and appreciation, as I begin to cherish the feminine/right brain sensibility within me more, and understand it’s proper role as leading guide in my life at an even deeper level.

We are Here to See Each Other Through: The Power of Active Dreaming

Years ago I noticed a sign on my acupuncturists door that read: “we are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through.”  For some reason it always stayed with me.  It is a guiding principle for me, and I see my role as an Active Dreaming Ambassador as one where I’m asked to allow my deeper intelligence to come through in service to healing others in often surprising ways.

On my recent travels to Costa Rica, I ended up on the same flight as my seatmate from my flight two weeks earlier.  He was a gentleman in his mid 60’s who had grown up very poor in the south, overcoming tremendous odds to become a very powerful, well connected and resourced lobbyists for both good and bad actors and whose work–some of which he couldn’t tell me about–took him regularly to China and the Soviet Union.

We had a lively discussion over drinks about politics and U.S. culture, and He Who Shall Not Be Named, and Standing Rock.  It felt clear to me that despite his very much enjoying the power and prestige and wealth his work afforded him, that it had created in him a kind of cynicism and world-weariness.

On the flight back I felt compelled sit next to him once again and noticed his energy seemed very low, he seemed to be struggling.  He confided in me that he has a mysterious illness that made it nearly impossible to sleep or even eat.  He also experienced frequent “night terrors” that deepened his debilitating insomnia, and were so severe he would wake up literally punching the walls.

I asked if he could remember any positive dreams.  He searched for a moment and suddenly lit up–“yes! he exclaimed, I have had a recurrent dream where I am floating up in the sky n a mattress, and I can control it–I can go down and visit with people or I can soar up into the sky at will.  It’s an extraordinarily good feeling!” It was obvious he could FEEL this dream with all his senses.

He titled it for me:  Escape From the Real World.”  Over the course of our conversation he said, “this is so strange, why are we talking about this? I can’t believe it.”

I shared the concept of Dream Re-entry with him and asked if he’d like to try it. Now he was excited, as an idea dawned on him.  He said–“maybe I can go back to that place where I can’t sleep and it will help me fall asleep!”

He hit a block the first time and I was struck by a strange impulse.  The whole encounter felt very surreal and guided.  I said, look, this is a bit strange for me too but I feel like I am supposed to hold your hand.  There’s nothing weird about this, but it feels like part of what you need is connection.

He didn’t hesitate, he held my hand and tried again.

As he was in the dream re-entry, I closed my eyes and saw him surrounded by his ancestors, including his beloved Grandmother who, he had told me, had raised him. I felt their love move through my hand and into his hand.

This time he succeeded in visiting the dream again and spent a bit of time there before his rational mind jumped in and shut down the process. He felt some hopefulness that he could practice again and perhaps it could ease some of his symptoms.

Before we parted I told him what had come into my mind repeatedly from the beginning but I wanted to broach it gently.  I said, “if I was the one having these night terrors I might think a part of me was fighting another part of me, and there is something I need to reconcile in myself and in my life.  He thanked me and promised to stay in touch.

I don’t know what the long term impact of our conversation will be on him but I did feel as if I was assigned to be a “dream angel” for him on that flight.  I looked up the condition he described and it can point to potentially life-threatening health issues.  I was very grateful to have the tools and awareness to reach out in this small way and share what I have learned through the art of Active Dreaming, and the underlying premise that we are here to support one another through  the healing power of our dreams.

I am deepening more and more into my Active Dreaming Practice, and provide one on one consultations in person, through skype or phone, helping clients address core issues through dreams and daytime synchronicities, informed by astrological cycles and the birth chart.

Learn more and schedule a reading with me if you’d like to work with me in this way!

Also, Robert Moss will be soon offering an exciting new online course (I just finished my first online course with him–it was very powerful!) The theme of this course is: Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition, and you can learn more and sign up HERE!
Full Disclosure–I am an Affiliate so a third of all proceeds goes to me.  And I highly highly recommend Robert’s work to anyone and everyone!


We’ve been navigating intense and seemingly contradictory energies over the past week.

We are learning what it means to go to extremes and continually pull ourselves back to center.

The Sun has been with Chiron, preparing to square Saturn, and so it is activating old grief and supporting us in making the changes we need to make so that we can allow a full experience of our grief and other feelings to be the catalyst to constructively change our lives.

The Time is Now to Manifest As the Love Warriors That We Are

We are now near the heart of the Venus Retrograde period, and as I’ve written before this is a VERY powerful time to align ourselves with what we want to create in our lives and world because we can seed that very powerfully now.

This is also a time where a lot of old habits and patterns–core areas that keep us stuck and hold us back from our full Divine Nature–are coming into our awareness and are ready to be shifted and transmuted and healed.

What this demands from us is our awareness of the pattern, and holding it and ourselves in a softer way of love and compassion, rather than harsh judgments that keep us locked in these old patterns–as their origination point is often judgement, shame and blame.

The Leo Meta-Goddess, as we have come to see the emerging Feminine Archetype at the completion of a Venus Cycle–is fully accessible to us now, if we call on her and see where she has come alive in us over the past 19 months.

A Practice That Has Been Working for Me

For me the pattern that has emerged is one where I tend to go into over-giving and in the process sacrifice my own autonomy and right to be. This is the shadow side of all the Pisces we’ve been immersed in–we can get locked into an addictive pattern of choosing to lose self in Other.

This can be attractive to us so that we don’t have to fully feel, claim and integrate our own experiences, our own essence. It can lead to an overload of our personal pain, so that we do not have the bandwidth to authentically meet life. It can become a habit that is deeply ingrained and causes heartbreak because that is not how our Divine Nature wishes to be expressed.

What I have discovered, with such powerful support from my sister Trina Brunk and the many practices and tools I have gathered over the years is that when I bring my full awareness to this pattern, I can shift it. And I am. I am also seeing how accustomed to living from a place of stress I am, and how I am now ready to be motivated and sourced by inner peace and calm.

Part of what has been helping me is anchoring into my body and awareness the many ways I have been learning to be Self Loving. This practice helps me heal my deep fear that I will never fully learn to put my needs first. I have come to see this as my sacred wound (Chiron is, after all in my 1st House of Identity and Self).

Daily Practices to Anchor Self Love

I challenge you to use one or more of these daily practices from now through March 25 when Venus meets the Sun. This is a powerful way to anchor all the good work you have been doing for the past 19 months to anchor self love into your life as a central mode of being.
And the healing that can occur in this window with these practices is POTENT.

1. Finding Proof of Self Love

Journal for 20 minutes on all the ways you have practiced self care, self love over the past week, or day. Look for those areas and moments where you made the choice to care for your body, your emotional well being, you chose to listen to your intuition, you chose to allow yourself the nurturing you would want a beloved friend to experience.

This exercise helps us understand how much we are growing, and begin to develop greater self-trust. What we focus on grows. So we can feel proud of the ways we are growing and claiming our own divine right to be.

2. Write a list of 10 to 100 things you love about yourself. This is something Cayelin and I encouraged our Venus Alchemy community to do our Leo Venus Teleclass Series and it has powerful results.

3. If you get stuck (or even if you don’t!) ask someone who loves you to share with you 10-100 things they love about you. You might even post on FB if you use social media–what do you love about me? Be specific. This takes real courage! You might use this as an opportunity to spread awareness that Self Love is a healthy thing.

Using these practices or others you devise to amp up your level of self love, self care, and full self-responsibility is THE MOST powerful thing you can do from now through March 25 to prepare for the new Aries Venus Cycle. By the time Venus rises as Morning Star your light will shine so brightly, your well will be so full, you will be so rooted in your Divine Essence and Grace, you will be fully read to be the Love Warrior you were born to be.

TWO Other Ways to Practice Self Love!

Join Aries Arise Teleclass Series!

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For the first time I will be facilitating a live Venus Workshop at the very moment Venus rises as Morning Star, arguably the most powerful moment in her cycle, and the last Aries Venus Cycle of our lifetime.

Participants will explore the connection between the Inanna Mythology and Venus’s Cycles, we will discover and explore our Ancient and Future Goddess and bring her to life through the embodiment practices, ceremony, and expressive arts offered through Qoya, facilitated by Rochelle and Virginia Rosenfeld, a brilliant intuitive astrologer in her own right, and “Sparkle Shamelessly creator, Wild Woman Lainie Love Dalby.

Together, in one the most beautiful settings I have ever experienced at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica, we will call forth the Aries Goddess, the Wild Woman and Fierce Feminine into our being and into our world–just as she rises as Morning Star initiating this powerful cycle!

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